D’Shai Hendricks

Meet Our Students

April 12, 2015

D’Shai Hendricks

Hackensack, NJ
Scholars Program ’06
The Lawrenceville School ’10
Stanford University ’14
Operations Analyst in Continuity of Business Risk Management, Citigroup

Why Invest in SEEDS?

“If you look at the statistics regarding low-income black men in this country and transpose that with my resume and experiences since being an alumnus of New Jersey SEEDS, the story speaks for itself. SEEDS changes lives. My life. My friends’ lives. It’s simple. There’s something about making history but there’s even more in creating the future.”

“My proudest accomplishment was giving a couple hundred dollars to New Jersey SEEDS a few months ago. In that moment, I didn’t feel low-income, I felt like I had made it.”

“After a recent conversation with a friend about her college loan debt, I must say that the most important thing SEEDS has done for me is put me on an educational trajectory worth $413,924 for the price of $0 to me and my family.”

“One person determining that you have what they call ‘potential’ can drastically change your life. It only takes one.”