Campaign Mission

As SEEDS looks toward its quarter century mark and beyond, we see highly intelligent, extremely motivated young people who continue to languish in our least privileged communities. For them, SEEDS must do more. While schools and school systems struggle with what has become a national challenge in education, our goal is to significantly increase the number of students we place in exceptional academic institutions… 4,000 over the next two decades, for a total of 6,000 SEEDS alumni.

For more than two decades, SEEDS has invested in futures… We’ve changed more than 2,000 lives…heard more than 2,000 stories, each sharing themes of growth and appreciation. SEEDS’ scholars talk about horizons expanded, about experiencing for the first time a community of intellectual peers, about recognizing their aspirations and realizing they can achieve them.

SEEDS scholars talk about beating the odds. They understand that the fine education SEEDS makes possible is their passport from blighted neighborhoods to tree-lined college campuses, from the prospect of dead-end jobs to the promise of upward mobility, from a culture of want to financial security for themselves and their families.