Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why has SEEDS launched the Investing in Futures Campaign?

In 2017, New Jersey SEEDS will celebrate 25 years of changing the lives of motivated, high-achieving students from low-income families by opening doors to exceptional educations. SEEDS ensures that its scholars have the knowledge, skills, access and support to thrive at the nation’s finest schools and colleges.

The Investing in Futures Campaign, will make it possible for New Jersey SEEDS to double the number of extraordinary young people it serves over the next two decades.

SEEDS’ programs – Scholars, Young Scholars, College Scholars, Guidance, Admissions and Placement – each require significant investments in people and programs to expand the number of students served. The Investing in Futures Campaign will raise the funds to address these needs.

2. What are the goals of the Investing in Futures Campaign?

Investing in Futures provides SEEDS the momentum to realize an expanded vision for the students of New Jersey. SEEDS seeks to double the number of graduates completing the organization’s programs…educating 4,000 over the next two decades. That’s 4,000 lives changed…4,000 college graduates…4,000 young people lifted from the bottom of the economic ladder and climbing toward the top. Achieving this vision means making a transformational leap; SEEDS must build the capacity to sustain its programs through the $8 million Investing in Futures Campaign.

3. How does the Investing in Futures Campaign impact the Annual Fund, Leading Change Benefit and Annual Golf events?

New Jersey SEEDS relies on consistent annual support totaling $3.2 million each year that is raised through the annual fund and special events to continue its current programs. The Investing in Futures Campaign is an endeavor that seeks to increase the number of lives SEEDS can change through education and requires funding above and beyond current giving to the Annual Fund and other special events. Each donor is asked to continue to support the Annual Fund and events and to consider offering an additional gift to the campaign over a multi-year period.

4. Can I direct my gift to a particular project or program?

The Investing in Futures Campaign focuses on increasing support for ALL New Jersey SEEDS programs. However, donors with a great passion for a particular program are encouraged to dedicate their gifts to its support. SEEDS welcomes a confidential conversation to discuss philanthropic underwriting of our programs.

5. May I make my gift to the campaign over several years?

Multi-year pledges to the campaign are extremely valuable to SEEDS and also allow donors to stretch their gift over a period of time.

6. What methods may I use to give to the campaign?

Gifts and pledges of cash/checks, stocks and securities, and planned gifts may be given to the Investing in Futures Campaign.

7. How long will the Investing in Futures Campaign run?

New Jersey SEEDS’ plans are ambitious. SEEDS seeks to complete soliciting campaign pledges within the next year, and anticipates it will continue to receive pledge payments through 2020.


To learn more and to discuss your own investment in New Jersey SEEDS’ Investing in Futures Campaign, please call
New Jersey SEEDS’ Development team at 973.642.6422.