We must build the capacity to sustain our programs through the next two decades. Investing in Futures: The Campaign for New Jersey SEEDS provides us the momentum to realize our vision. With success comes the visibility that is crucial to significantly expand our donor base among supporters of educational equity, economic mobility and development, career readiness and college access. Our efforts must grow in all civic-minded quarters—among individuals, companies and foundations—at local, regional and national levels. This is SEEDS’ moment to bring to bear its unique resources to provide leadership in addressing a growing national challenge and to pave the way for the next generation of SEEDS Scholars.

The Campaign for SEEDS

Invest in Scholars Growth: $1,300,000

For SEEDS to transform, we must first ensure the foundation. The Scholars and Young Scholars Programs are proven successes that place our alumni, year after year, in some of the most selective middle and high schools in the country. In those institutions, immersed in communities of achievement and aspiration, Scholar alumni gain the academic foundation and guidance support to parlay their SEEDS placement into an exceptional list of colleges and universities. Our plan demands that we maximize the capacity of Scholars and Young Scholars by growing the number of students we serve by 15 percent.

Invest in Effective Education: $800,000

Education, from curriculum to pedagogy, is SEEDS’ foundation for changing lives. In a rapidly evolving academic landscape, SEEDS must invest in renewing its core programs: building our use of technology, addressing new testing standards and methods, providing the human skills defined as grit and emotional intelligence, and devoting significant resources to maintaining an exceptional faculty.

Invest in College Scholars: $2,600,000

To continue our tradition and remain steadfast in our mission, we will launch the College Scholars Program, which holds the promise of becoming a national model for creating access to and success at selective institutions for low-income students. By building to serve 100 students in each graduating class—the students most able to benefit and yet most at risk of not making the right college decisions— we lift a large cadre of young people from towns and cities throughout the state into the middle class and beyond, raising the sights of their schools and the ambitions of their families and peers. Perhaps most importantly, by focusing not just on access to higher education but on persistence and successful degree completion, we effectively address an issue that has become one of the central challenges of higher education and a rallying point for institutions, government agencies and the philanthropic community.

Invest in Top Talent: $800,000

With a projected increase of more than 100 students over the next five years in Scholars and Young Scholars Programs, SEEDS must build its capacity to identify and engage the highest achieving students in low-income communities across 10 counties. At the same time, we’ll be building new relationships with more than 40 high schools across the state to find outstanding College Scholars candidates, students who are poised for an educational transformation. Investment in reaching exceptional young people will include intensifying outreach to guidance counselors and students, developing compelling materials, and strengthening our admissions team.

Invest in Career Readiness: $400,000

SEEDS alumni succeed at the most rigorous selective schools and colleges across the country. In order to ensure that they are prepared for life beyond the classroom, SEEDS will develop a career readiness program that enables our alumni to become the next generation of leaders in the workplace. Establishing a comprehensive network of partnerships will ensure that our graduates have meaningful internships or professional work experience before graduating from college. This career preparation includes building job and leadership skills and providing career counseling to SEEDS alumni.

Invest in Knowledgeable Placement: $900,000

SEEDS’ success has always been measured by the success of our students. Their achievement in highly selective institutions starts with extremely knowledgeable placement: understanding the culture of each of our partner schools, defining an appropriate set of schools for each student, negotiating financial aid, tracking progress and providing ongoing admissions support. As the number of students in SEEDS’ education pipeline grows, it is critical that we invest in maintaining the personal and unique services we offer each family and each participating school.

Invest in Student Success: $1,200,000

Our students’ ability to thrive in new and demanding environments has made retention a SEEDS hallmark. Within the next five years the caseload for SEEDS’ Guidance Department will grow to some 750 students on more than 200 school and college campuses across the country. Providing one-on-one counseling through regular visits and consistent communication is critical to our scholars successfully navigating the academic, social and emotional challenges of wholly new communities.