Meet our Students

SEEDS three academic programs, along with essential guidance for our graduates, share a single endgame: an exceptional college education. We identify young people from low-income communities whose intellectual ambition, work ethic and aspiration have trumped their socioeconomic status. They are hungry to learn and driven to succeed.

Although they come from families with an average annual income of just $36,000, 98 percent of SEEDS scholars go to college, compared with just 29 percent of low-income students nationwide. More than 2,000 young people have come up from the bottom through SEEDS and for the first time, have a shot at the top.

SEEDS invests $17,000 to educate a student for one year, which leverages more than $350,000 in high school and college scholarships – a return on investment of over 2,600%. Even more important, SEEDS’ returns are measured in the lives we change: children whose futures looked dim now become bankers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists…They grow up to be ethical, engaged, responsible citizens who lead lives of contribution and become leaders in their communities.


Giovana Espejo, Student

“SEEDS demonstrated and taught me from a young age about generosity and the legacy it leaves. The generosity of the individuals who supported my SEEDS journey is one that I will be eternally grateful for and serves as my greatest…”

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D’Shai Hendricks, Student

“After a recent conversation with a friend about her college loan debt, I must say that the most important thing SEEDS has done for me is put me on an educational trajectory worth $413,924 for
the price of $0 to me and…”

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Kristy Saldana, Student

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be the first person in my immediate family to go to college. That goal that I set for myself earlier in my life kept me inspired to do my best so that I could eventually receive a college…”

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Eddison Ugaddan, Student

“My proudest accomplishment is taking the first step on the path towards finding myself. Going beyond the borders of my comfort zone, coming out of the turtle shell I had hidden in for years as a child, I was able to go through the…”

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